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Vaycay vibes in every sip

Our Taproom, Veranda, is now open

The Taproom

Welcome to Veranda - the coolest collaborative taproom and spirit hall in town! We've partnered up with the amazing Burwood Distillery to create a space that's not just a brewery, but a destination for everyone who loves great drinks, delicious food and good vibes.

Our home is in the historic Stables building, and let us tell you, this place has some serious character! Built in 1936, it was originally home to the 'B' Squadron of the Lord Strathcona's Horse Regiment. That means it was designed to house up to one hundred horses - how cool is that? And with its unique 'K' shape, the building maximizes light, airflow, and sanitation, making it the perfect spot for our craft beverage production facility.

Fast forward to today, and we've taken this amazing piece of history and turned it into something truly special. We're all about community here, so we've created a space that's perfect for hanging out with your friends, enjoying premium spirits, craft beer, and delicious scratch food.

Veranda is family-friendly and open 7 days a week. Call us: 403-300-2221

Parking spaces

Sunday & Monday

11am - 9pm

Tuesday to Thursday

11am - 10pm

Friday & Saturday

11am - 12am


Our beers layer the best local offerings with ingredients from around the globe - creating flavours that not only inspire your palate, but transport you through place and time, and leave you with a whiff of nostalgia.


5.8% New England IPA


Sit back and feel the sand between your toes when you take a sip of our refreshing, citrusy, tropical fruit-forward, Tangerine Speedo. We went big on Sabro dry hops and layered them with Kviek yeast to create crazy delicious citrus-coconut aromas and flavours. As pure and perfect as a day at the beach.


When you're with Tangerine Speedo, the sun is always out.

4.9% Lemon/Lime hopped Hefeweizen


Hefeweizens are famous for being vibrant, drinkable malted wheat ales - a beer for all seasons. Bask in El Hefe’s glow, approachable fruity, fulfilling flavour and refreshing carbonation. True to his name, El Hefe is a boss who honours his traditional German roots, but breaks some rules too. Our citrusy dry hop gives El Hefe its singular lemon-lime aroma.

Pull up a chair and share a moment with El Hefe. Salud.


5.8% West Coast IPA


One sip of The Weekender’s piney, dank notes and you’ll feel that moment when time is all yours again. Locally grown Strathmore malts paired with traditional Pacific Northwest hops make for a vibrant, approachable ale. Tropical, citrusy aromas soften this West Coast IPA’s traditional bitter flavour.


So, unplug and slow down. The fire is crackling. The waves are rolling in. The Weekender is here.

5% Italian Pilsner


Our fresh, crisp Vezpa was inspired by zipping over cobblestone streets along the sea. An Italian Pilsner this good takes time. We cold ferment the Vezpa for six weeks, layering noble hops onto an unfiltered pilsner for distinctive balance and subtle complexity. This light, dry-hopped, highly carbonated pils carries the spirit of new discoveries in the old world.

Climb aboard the Vezpa. Italia awaits.


4.2% Light rice lager

Crouching Tiger

Meet Crouching Tiger, a rice lager that’s as crushable as it is exotic. This light crisp beer’s unique lemony aroma will have you dreaming of setting down your backpack in a far-flung limestone cave or swimming in turquoise Southeast Asian waters. The perfect complement to sushi, Thai, or Chinese food.

5.2% salted black lager

Hidden Dragon

Don’t be fooled by this beer’s bold look—behind the dark colour lies a highly drinkable, fulfilling beer with depth. A pinch of black lava salt reminds the adventurous drinker that those who are willing to try new things will be rewarded. This delicious winter lager will warm you from the inside out and leave you craving more.


3.8% Foeder-aged passion peach berliner weisse


Introducing our latest masterpiece that captures the essence of balmy evenings on Florida’s shores and the vibrant Art Deco vibes of South Beach. Experience the harmonious fusion of peach and passionfruit in our brand new sour beer, a tantalizing elixir that will keep you coming back for more. Prepare yourself for a flavour journey that guarantees an epic tale of unforgettable good times.


Look good.
Feel good.


About us

At Vaycay Brew Co. we believe everyone deserves those on-vaycay vibes every day. Our beers tap the feeling of landing in a faraway place—the anticipation and wonder of new sights and adventures. With a professional chef-turned-brewmaster at our beer-making helm, we're lining up some of the most unique craft beers in the land.


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